Dutch government invests 20 million euros in e-health

by bold-lichterman

Edith Schippers, the Dutch Minister of Health, has decided to allocate an envelope of 20 million euros over the next 4 years for e-health, according to an information local media NL Times. This fund released by the Dutch government will be dedicated to promoting initiatives in the connected health sector, she announced on Tuesday.

Entitled “FastTrack eHealth Initiative”, the program is based on public-private partnerships. Objective: to support and guide small and medium-sized enterprises in order to increase initiatives in the sector. The care and treatment of patients is also of direct interest to the government. To complete this investment, agreements are currently being negotiated with private parties, including banks, pension funds, investors and insurers. The launch should take place next October.

And France?

While the Netherlands is showing itself to be more and more active in e-health, France appears less present on the subject. This is particularly what emerges froma study published last February by Pipame, the Interministerial Pole for prospective and anticipation of economic changes attached to the DGE (General Directorate of Enterprises). After the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea and Spain, France is among the “moderately advanced” countries, according to the authors of this report. These countries have taken a position on e-health for 10 to 20 years, depending on the case.

Despite a certain delay from France, the government is starting to take the measure of the potential of connected health. Last January, Marisol Touraine, the Minister of Health, took up the subject by allocating 340 million euros to a fund dedicated to innovative start-ups in this sector. In 2014, the French e-health market was estimated at 2.7 billion euros for 28,000 to 38,000 jobs in the ecosystem.

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