Dropbox exceeds 200 million users and targets professionals

by bold-lichterman

The online data synchronization service reaches a milestone

CEO Drew Houston has ad on his blog that his service had exceeded 200 million users, while it had 175 million last July.

The storage solution will focus more on professionals and offer a new “Dropbox for Business” interface.
It will soon allow users to synchronize both their personal and professional files: the data of the two accounts will be separate, but will appear side by side in tabs.

The two co-founders Arash Ferdowski and Drew Houston summarize this BtoB functionality as follows: “It’s like having the keys to your house and your office on the same keychain”.

Dropbox now claims 4 million companies that have subscribed to a Dropbox Business offer, which offers, for $ 795 per year and for five users, unlimited storage space and version history.