Dropbox acquires Mailbox, just one month after its launch, and for …

by bold-lichterman

Update: According to TechCrunch, the amount of the repurchase by Dropbox would be around $ 100 million, paid partly in cash and partly in shares.

Dropbox, the online storage service offers itself the 100% iOS Mailbox email client application, just one month after its launch. A strong signal that shows Dropbox’s ambition to move up a gear on mobile email.

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Launched only 1 month ago, Mailbox benefited from a great media coverage of its service. The application, which operates with limited registration on the waiting list, experienced a few hiccups at startup. But success seems to be there, with 60 million emails exchanged every day to date.

A few weeks after the update of its version, it is therefore a new turn for the start-up Dropbox launched in 2007 by Drew Houston, Arash Ferdowsi, graduates of MIT, and its 100 million users.

Dropbox has about 1 million users. The amount of the repurchase remains unknown, but the 14 people of the Mailbox team are integrated into the Dropbox staff.