DropBox: a security breach left accounts accessible for 4 hours.

by bold-lichterman

The accounts of the 25 million users of DropBox were made available on Sunday at 4:54 a.m. for nearly 4 hours. All you had to do was enter any password to enter your Dropbox.

Dropbox’s CTO posted a message to the Dropbox blog, indicating that all access to accounts had been recorded and that all users whose account has been visited will be notified. According to Dropbox, less than 1% of accounts would have been forced according to Dropbox (close to 250,000 accounts…) the DropBox servers and not on its users’ computers.

This incident marks the red hot iron on this very popular service and raises the thorny issue of security on this type of service. An investigation into the security issue had already been launched by the Federal Trade Commission on May 11, following a complaint from security expert Christopher Soghoian.

DropBox has 25 million users who back up around 200 million files daily. The company founded by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi has received $ 7.2 million in investment, notably from Sequoia Capital and Accel Parners