Drop don’t park targets 5,000 users this year for its on-demand valets

by bold-lichterman

Faced with the difficulty of finding a parking space in large cities, the start-up “Drop don’t park” offers motorists a valet service on demand. The idea: that they no longer have to worry about finding by themselves a few free meters in a street. A solution that could a priori interest professionals with a tight schedule. A niche market? Not only answers the company which intends to “democratize” the service for the general public.

5,000 targeted users by the end of the year

“On average, in Paris, a search for a parking space takes more than 20 minutes and can take up to 40 minutes in some neighborhoods. And a place on the road remains free for less than a minute ”, explains to Frenchweb Nicolas de Crémiers, the co-founder. The entrepreneur therefore hopes to reach all motorists in a hurry. “They could be users, not necessarily regular, but at least one-off of the service”.

Concretely, the start-up – which is officially launching today after having “beta tested»Its offer – targets 5,000 users in France by the end of the year. “We are targeting all major cities where there is a problem with congestion and parking.” Beyond the capital, Drop don’t park also reflects in Lyon, Marseille or Bordeaux, as well as in major European cities such as London, Frankfurt or Hamburg.

In all cases, the economic model is based on the sale of a service. A “Drop”, which includes the valet service and parking for 3 hours, is offered at 15 euros. Beyond this time, it takes 25 euros for the day, up to 12 hours of parking. But to generate more income, the company also aims to market additional services while the vehicle is being taken over: washing, technical overhaul and even, ultimately, tire change.

Geoffroy Roux de Bezieux at the capital, Ouriel Ohayon at the board

To ensure the quality of its offer, the company ensures that its valets are trained internally to meet customer expectations. Moreover, the latter are recruited on permanent contracts, and not under a self-employed contract, even if the company is thinking about it for the future. Customers then give them a rating to appreciate the service. On the insurance side, Drop don’t park has signed a partnership with Allianz to cover vehicles up to 150,000 euros.

Founded by Nicolas de Crémiers and Alban de Renty, the company raised 300,000 euros in seed money from Geoffroy Roux de Bezieux who is also one of the co-founders. In addition, Ouriel Ohayon, the co-founder of Appsfire and the venture capital firm Isai, sits on the company’s board of directors.