Driven by its star games, Supercell garnered 2.1 billion euros in sales in 2015

by bold-lichterman

The fight of Vikings always proves to be profitable. Supercell, the publisher of mobile video games presented a turnover of 2.1 billion euros for the year 2015, against 1.55 billion in 2014. Despite a slowdown, the studio is driven by an increase 37% on its sales compared to 2014. Last year, the craze for the three star games from the studio Clash of Clans first, Hay Day and Boom Beach reached Asia, a market in which the Finnish, could count. Its EBITDA increased by 515 million to 848 million euros.

“China is our biggest market and I believe it will become the most important market for the mobile gaming industry in general,” said Ilkka Paananen, CEO of Supercell. In fact, 2015 will have been the year of the launch of the game Clash of Clans in all application stores in China, specifies Reuters. The craze for its addicting strategy games continues in its other markets. Every day, 100 million players are connected to applications, a ad SuperCell. Clash of Clans alone generates over a million dollars in revenue, according to an estimate by ThinkGaming.

Maintain the fan community

The whole science of the Finnish studio is to base its games on “free-to-play” which offers enough free tools at the start to then want to buy something to be able to progress in the game (“gems” for example ). Another key point which explains in particular the number of daily connections to games, you have to spend time (and money) there to be able to evolve in the game and be challenged by new challenges. This dimension is also the keystone of the Clash of Clans community. Out of millions of players around the world, only a minority (between 5% to 10%) of fans are willing to pay to move forward, a gaming expert told Frenchweb.

These generated revenues are massively reinvested for the group’s marketing and communication. Supercell reported spending $ 1 million a day to promote its games and acquire new players.

However, sales growth slowed down last year. The Finn is indeed far from the time, when he tripled his sales figures in 2014 compared to 2013. While he maintains his games in the Top 10 sales, he must also make sure to renew himself. He has also just launched a new game, Clash Royale, faithful to the codes of his blockbuster Clash of Clans, with the emphasis on multiplayer battle and the community.

Like the competing studio Rovio Entertainment which seeks to renew itself after the success of “Angry Birds”, Supercell must maintain its sales levels to avoid air holes. The Finn, who employs 180 people, is also accountable to its shareholder, the Japanese Softbank, which first acquired 51% of its capital in 2013, to increase its stake to 73.2% in the summer of 2015.

Creation: June 2010

The head office : Helsinki, Finland (+ offices in San Francisco, Seoul and Tokyo).

Market : video games

Manager: Ilkka Paananen

2014 turnover: 1.55 billion euros