Dragon Dictation and Search in free SDK. A godsend for mobile application developers!

by bold-lichterman

Shade, the applications editor Dragon Dictation and Dragon search announces the free availability of Dragon Mobile SDK. It is intended for developers of applications for Apple iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch under OS 3.0 and iOS 4.0, as well as for devices under Android 2.0 and later versions. It is available in six languages ​​including French and supports text-to-speech for 35 languages.

Dragon Dictation and Search in free SDK A godsend forThis SDK will allow developers to integrate recognition and speech synthesis functions into their applications. The Speech To Text feature from Dragon Search should therefore experience a strong breakthrough in the world of mobile applications. It allows you to verbalize a question to find information.

As a reminder, the two Nuance applications have been downloaded more than 2M times in Europe since their release. The company also claims a share of technology in no less than 4 billion phones manufactured to date with the famous T9, the predictive text system.