Drag’n Survey, these French people who want to challenge Google Forms and SurveyMonkey

by bold-lichterman

Created by Roman Stec in October 2014, Drag’n Survey offers an online software for creating professional questionnaires. The offer is similar to that of Google Forms and SurveyMonkey with a few differences. The supervisor has a global view of what is happening in real time. For example, the general management can have access to the accounts of the marketing, HR and sales departments, which themselves supervise the accounts of their employees. More details with Florian Stec, development manager.

Frenchweb: What needs does Drag’n Survey meet?

florian-stec-dragnsurvey-2016Florian Stec, co-founder and head of development: Drag’n Survey is a software accessible on the internet (in SaaS mode) to create an online questionnaire, distribute it and analyze the results in real time.

All actions are carried out independently, without the need for training. We respond to a need to limit costs (human and financial) for structures that wish to create a market study, conduct a satisfaction survey or evaluate training.

What is your value proposition?

Account supervision is one of the new features we offer. A real innovation, it makes it possible to manage an unlimited number of users on an unlimited number of hierarchical levels. For example, the general management of a group can supervise the accounts of the marketing, HR and sales departments which themselves supervise the accounts of their employees.

Drag’n Survey is integrated into the organization of all types of structures to collect essential data, centralize it, segment it and analyze it.

We combine the power of a CRM with the flexibility of a SaaS solution.

Who are the users of your Drag’n Survey?

We work with large groups, very small businesses, SMEs and associations. Our users are looking for a tool that is easy to use, offers powerful features and an available team that can be reached easily.

Drag’n Survey is used for several purposes: carrying out satisfaction surveys, carrying out market studies, evaluating training courses, questioning employees on HR topics, on the deployment of tools, etc.


What is your development plan?

Drag’n Survey feeds on the experience of its users and operates in lean startup mode (the agile method applied to startups).
The referenced needs are taken into account for future developments and then integrated into the application. Each feature meets a specific need and remains easy to use.

With triple-digit growth over the past two years, the company is expanding beyond the French market and tackling the Anglo-Saxon market, which we are starting to explore.

What are your challenges?

We are mainly looking to make the online questionnaire more human and to establish a real dialogue with the respondents, this is our main challenge.

We are working on partnerships with startups so that they integrate Drag’n Survey components on all parts relating to user consultation.
The satisfaction surveys and the means of acquiring customer feedback are evolving and are now fully integrated into applications and connected objects, we want to raise Drag’n Survey to the rank of leading solutions in this field.

Who are your competitors?

The online questionnaire market is booming and changing rapidly.
Google Forms is very present mainly for non-professional users, SurveyMonkey is one of the benchmarks in Freemium model while TypeForm enjoys a good highlight.

Our highly user-oriented operation sets us apart from our competitors. Drag’n Survey offers new features that meet the specific needs of its users and keep the objective of ease of use.

Founder : Roman Stec

Seat : Charenton-le-Pont

Creation date : October 2014

Capital : 100,000 euros

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