dotJS: the giants of the net rely on javascript to create value

by bold-lichterman

Frenchweb was at dotJS, an event dedicated to javascript


“WordPress will increasingly migrate from PHP to javascript”. The stakes are high for the most widely used content management system (CMS) in the world, which came Monday, December 2 for the second edition of dotJS, an event dedicated to javascript. Of course, the place chosen is the Théâtre de Paris, but the ambition is beautiful and very European. Moreover, the majority of participants who made the trip speak English and Deezer even sent a recruiting manager to identify the talents in the field.

“We are only at the beginning of javascript, it’s a question of performance. It’s easier to work with, especially for application development, ”we are told at WordPress. However, be careful not to confuse java and javascript. “It has nothing to do with it, they are two very different languages. Do not make the mistake, some might even feel insulted ”we are warned in the meantime. Rest assured, the emergence of this programming language will not change much for websites using the famous CMS. “This will especially allow developers to add new plugins, to develop and innovate more easily than in the past.” In other words, adding value to the platform thanks to third parties. So externally.

“Generate value that we would not create ourselves”

An evolution that takes place on two lines. “On one side there is the front end, which corresponds to the user experience, what we see during use; and the back end, the intelligence of the system, that is to say everything that a user does not see ”. It is on this second aspect that one of the main challenges of javascript is located. “WordPress sites will be more responsive and take less time to load.”


On the musical side this time, “any javascript user can develop applications on Deezer via our SDK (Software Development Kit, a development kit, editor’s note)” explains Julie Knibbe, evangelist of the platform. “It is therefore the innovation that we are looking for thanks to those who will launch, at home, new services that bring value to our customers and that we would never have created on our own because it does not correspond to our core business ”.

Convince developers

The online music service, which recently revised its application and added new recommendations features, addresses the issue as a major strategic focus. “We are rather ahead in this area because the applications are not yet available on mobile at Spotify. Our development system is also easier ”.


Google, PayPal or Mozilla Firefox, which came to present its latest product, its operating system for mobile phones, were also there. Their objectives: to be present, and to recruit the talents who have traveled from all over Europe. “There are between 850 and 900 participants this year, including Brendan Eich, the founder of javascript in person, and big names on the internet who were not there in the previous edition, with the exception of Google” we says an organizer. “Next year we hope to do even better. We want to bring together the largest possible European javascript community ”. Still in Paris of course.

Photo credits: Frenchweb