Docker speeds up and signs with Microsoft

by bold-lichterman

On the photo, from left to right: Guillaume J. Charmes (Lead developer – former Epitech), Julien Barbier (Marketing and community director – former Epitech), Jérôme Petazzoni (Lead developer), Ben Golub (CEO), Victor Vieux (Developer – former Epitech), Solomon Hykes (co-Founder and Technical Director – former Epitech), Victor Coisne (Marketing), Samuel Alba (technical co-director – former Epitech), Yannis Peyret (finance, accounting), Eric Bardin (Financial Director )

Docker, the start-up which publishes a “containerization” solution for data intended for application developers, has just signed a partnership with Microsoft, on its latest Windows Server update.
From now on, developers will be able to create their Windows “containers”. Docker’s open source solution, which allows developers to code more easily via data “containers” with accelerated transfer time, is already used by big names in IT: Google, Spotify, Red Hat, AWS, Baidu, VMware, research labs and universities.

This partnership also concerns the integration of Docker in the cloud, on Windows Azure.


This agreement opens up a huge field for it: “We are doubling the ecosystem, and potentially, we can also double our income” specifies Julien Barbier, spokesperson for Docker in San Francisco. A potential to be considered in light of Microsoft’s weight in the global server park, which weighs half …

In 18 months, the young shoot (which rotated once) accelerated dramatically. The company, founded by Frenchman Solomon Hykes (ex-Epitech) and headed by American Ben Golub, has raised $ 15 million at the start of the year, then 40 million dollars last September. Since its launch, it has had more than 35 million downloads, 45,000 applications ” dockerized »By the community on Docker Hub, strongly represented in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Its valuation bordering on $ 400 million following its recent fundraising, we can legitimately think that the company is of interest to many players, for its technological contribution. But at Docker, we are not talking about buyouts. We prefer to bet on strategic partnerships to continue to develop and increase its revenues, drawn mainly from the PaaS model. “We are here to stay” insists at Docker.