[Dispositif 2.0] Do you still love it … Your coffee machine?

by bold-lichterman

Carte Noire called on the Buzzman agency to set up a communication campaign on the brand’s flexible pods.

black card banner
Buzzman has thus set up an operation entitled “Get out of the routine”. Launched today, it plays on the almost intimate relationship that consumers have with their coffee machine. It revolves around 3 communication actions:

    • A interactive viral movie, which leads the user in the middle of a couple’s argument from the eye of the man, who asks to get out of the routine by testing new experiences. His partner does not understand his reaction, but remains understanding and is ready to play her game. She thus takes out flexible Carte Noire pods from a drawer. In the end, a third protagonist arrives in the field of the camera, and we understand that the man who speaks from the beginning is none other than the coffee machine. At the end of the film, Internet users are invited to test the state of their relationship, and are redirected to the dedicated site “Get out of the routine” …


  • A dedicated site to flexible pods, which, by taking the test codes of women’s magazines, allows Internet users to know where they are in their relationship. They will then be confronted with a series of 7 “indiscreet” questions, which lead to a routine result (20%, 50%) and to reduction coupons proportional to their needs.

dedicated site

  • A smartphone app, available on iPhone and Android. Entitled “the Test”, it allows mobile users to increase the value of the reduction coupon they have won on the site. In addition, the geolocation activated on the application will allow its users to receive an instant push when they pass near a store participating in the operation.

This campaign is supported by a media plan focused on sites dedicated to Digital Mums, and in particular on Youtube with a masthead banner (insert that is displayed for 24 hours across the width of the YouTube home page, under the bar of navigation) scheduled for February 2. The video will also be available in another 30-second version for television.