Disability and digital inclusion: “we must act now”

by bold-lichterman

Mobile applications, connected objects, artificial intelligence: digital technology is a formidable field of experimentation in many areas of our daily life. However, many users, citizens, are left out in this crazy technological rush.

Stéphanie Gateau has been fighting for years so that as many people as possible can benefit from these innovations, regardless of their differences and handicaps. With Handiroad, she imagines a service in the heart of the city, to facilitate daily travel, with features designed specifically for disabled users but also a community of guardian angels available at all times.

Features that are opening up every day to new vulnerable audiences for whom current solutions are not suitable. Since the first confinement, these audiences have unfortunately continued to multiply. We must act now to make digital technology a real lever for inclusion.


The contributor:

1606238597 673 Disability and digital inclusion we must act nowThomas gouritin supports SMEs and large accounts in their transformations, with digital support. Producer of the Regards Connected series (Youtube channel and podcasts), he explores our technological future to popularize complex subjects such as artificial intelligence and convey messages of pragmatism to be applied in business. The subject of chatbots is essential today, Thomas approaches it in a pragmatic way with, in addition to project support, conferences aimed at demystifying the subject without “bullshit” and with workshops allowing everyone to get their hands dirty. design to understand, learn, and do.