Digital Media, smartphones, elections, social networks … Focus on 4 studies

by bold-lichterman

Boom of the Digital Media market in France, news sites more and more consulted from smartphones, mobiles as a remedy against abstention and social networks still little solicited for information on the electoral campaign. Back in detail on four studies.

Digital Media market: 123.5 million euros turnover in 2011

Digital Media smartphones elections social networks Focus on 4 studies

The French digital media market (digital advertising screens market) would have recorded a turnover of 123.5M € in 2011, an increase of 11% compared to 2010, according to published figures yesterday by the Digital Media Association France. In its observatory, the association thus underlines a shift from an almost non-existent market 5 years ago in France to a market structured around more than 500 companies. With regard to advertising investments generated in 2011, France comes in 3rd position with a turnover of € 25.5M, just after the United Kingdom and Germany. The growth of this market can be explained in particular by the installation of new screens, but also by the action of advertisers, media agencies and technological innovations which have developed new reflexes. The first full year of activity for the digital media network in the Paris metro would also have played a significant role.

[Europe] + 74% of smartphone users accessed news sites in one year

According to the latest figures released by ComScore as part of his MobiLens study, in the Europe of 5 (Germany, Italy, France, Spain and the United Kingdom) nearly 37% of smartphone users consulted news sites via an application or a web browser in January 2012, an increase of 74% within a year. In France, this growth reached 62%. The most dynamic markets in this area are Germany (+ 80%) and Spain (+ 127%).

1606067820 809 Digital Media smartphones elections social networks Focus on 4 studies

Smartphones against abstention?

1606067820 515 Digital Media smartphones elections social networks Focus on 4 studies“If it were possible to vote with their mobile phone, 12.2% of non-voters would come back to vote while 51% of French people would vote via their smartphone. »Here are the conclusions of a firm survey Gfk carried out on behalf of Mobiletag, published this morning. Indeed, according to the study, conducted from February 23 to 27 with a panel of 1000 French people aged 18 to 64, being able to vote simply by scanning the code of his candidate, with his mobile, would make it possible to win back abstainers. across all age groups from 18 to 49, significantly and across the board. Only those over 50 would be less inclined to use this device.

Social media: weak source of information for elections?

Still at the presidential level, according to a study conducted by Lightspeed Research of the WPP group, the French do not intend to use social networks to find out about the elections. Indeed, according to the survey of 1000 French people who intend to vote, only 12% say they are informed about the evolution of the campaign via the websites of political parties, and barely 3% use social media. . These two vectors also appear to be unreliable in the face of television, which remains the medium most requested by respondents.

Digital Media smartphones elections social networks Focus on 4 studies