Digital Marketing: Successful Advertising Without Advertising

by bold-lichterman

While online advertising is not dead, it is no longer enough. Once again, the Internet has given consumers the power to (re) take over brands. Obviously and naturally, digital marketing will have to move from advertising to personalized but above all individualized customer relations.

Wrongly regarded as an inexhaustible digital resource, advertising has turned into a commercial steamroller going so far as to distort itself and become horrifying in the eyes of consumers. In reaction, the latter not only marked their deep annoyance by blocking it but above all achieved by this a strong act of disengagement or even mistrust vis-à-vis brands. A study conducted by Havas Médias shows that if 75% of them disappeared, consumers would be fine without them the next day. A rather worrying finding. The damage caused by this advertising hype is probably heavier than imagined and, for advertising, it may be more than just a losing battle … The mea culpa like that of Scott Cunningham from iAB no matter what, it may already be too late; without a doubt, the limits have been crossed. But brands don’t have to be passive. Quite the contrary! For retailers, the period is even rather favorable to seek an alternative to advertising. They must now invest in individualized marketing programs. For them, this is the only way to activate important and lasting growth levers. Technically, this implies the implementation of cutting-edge CRM strategy, of which DMPs are today the keystones. We will have to recreate the attachment to the brand by rethinking the customer relationship.

Install a dialogue, a real one

In the spirit, this results in the switch from a logic of notoriety maintained by advertising to a logic of attachment to the brand built on a personalized and above all individualized customer relationship. By individualized relationship, we must understand an exchange with the consumer built and maintained over time taking into account the evolution of interactions and habits observed in him. When does he buy? What? Via which channel? What is her favorite store? Dialogue marketing must be implemented in which the consumer can also talk to the brand. Make him feel active on the basis of a peer-to-peer relationship. A dialogue or even a refusal has a real value, if only to answer “maybe next time”. The most difficult in the art of dialogue is not to speak but to learn to listen.

Go from promotion to consulting

In addition, we must change our posture and prefer that of advice to that of promotion. Marketing should no longer ask what they can sell a visitor, but how they can help them buy better. For example, using the platforms of retargeting to promote information useful for his purchasing decision. In the case of an Internet user interested in a camera, prefer a comparative guide which will help him in his reflection to a retargeted advertisement of the last reflex camera consulted. A person looking for a ticket to New York will be interested in information about the Broadway show schedule, the best burgers, weather data, and more.

Activatable data: digital gold for high-end marketing

In fact, Ad Tech offers too systematic and insufficiently qualitative use of partner data. In all this context, the 3rd Party data can be seen in fine strongly questioned and is in the process of giving way to the only one that will be legitimately exploitable: the 1st Party data. And, to appropriate it, companies will have to change their short-term strategy. The ROI of this data centered on the individual, less immediate to activate than pools of anonymous cookies, remains much higher in the medium and long term. For marketing departments, this means acquiring DMP 1st Party and setting up a rich segmentation built on both Online and Offline customer data. Far from having the sole objective of acquiring an audience, individualized workflows will primarily serve to retain existing customers through a unique user experience capable of enhancing their value. And, for this, it is therefore necessary to ensure that this precious 1st Party data can be activated as easily as the 3rd Party data. For Cyril Olivier, web and marketing director of Kiabi, “we will have to market the data. By that I mean evangelizing, explaining why we ask our clients this and making them understand behind that it is simply to make their lives easier. ”. This is a great idea!

Romain-Chaumais-d'Ysance.ENSEM Engineer, Romain Chaumais in 1999 created the company Economiz, publisher of a multichannel eCRM solution. He then joined a business intelligence consulting company and then co-founded Ysance in 2005. His various missions within large groups allow him to acquire solid experience in the fields of Business Intelligence, Data Management and CRM. A pioneer in Big Data and an expert in the digital transformation of companies, Romain imagines and designs digital platforms that place the customer at the heart of organizations while respecting the “privacy” of consumers.