Digital in 2018? –

by bold-lichterman

Each beginning or end of the year is the time for predictions of all kinds on our favorite subjects.

Okay, let’s be honest. The predictions rarely concern (except fluke) what will happen in the year to come. It’s more of a list of things that we would like to see happen because if we look at the state and maturity of the market at a given time we so want to hang ourselves or change jobs that we allow ourselves some minutes of dream time for a ticket. A cry from the heart more than an analysis.

The prediction of the beginning of the year is therefore to the “expert” what the blooper is to the TV channels: a pleasant and not very time-consuming way to fill the time while hoping that perhaps some dreams will come true.

So more predictions here is a list of topics on which I would like to see a more global awareness of companies in 2018. Yes, I can already hear those who are going to say to me “but so and so they are doing well”…. It is not a question of the top 10 companies which have a vision and a capacity for execution (although sometimes the communication is much superior to reality) but of the great mass of them, including SMEs and mid-caps which for the Most still seem to me to move hesitantly and not to make clear trade-offs:

  • It is no longer a question of reheating the dishes: today we say digital but we have recurring subjects that have come up for 10 years with a new name. At some point we will have to do what is necessary.
  • Digital is a business subject. Digital is everywhere so it is no longer anywhere. It is a business subject that involves organizational and managerial approaches. This is one of the explanations of the previous point.
  • Stop the flight ahead. It’s good to always run after the next big thing, but we stay in techno, among the geek, and we don’t transform much because we flutter.
  • Forget about big data. It’s a catch-all term that doesn’t mean anything anymore. Instead, have an applied approach (customer knowledge etc.) especially since for many starting with small data would already be good.
  • Customers should buy a pipe. By dint of aggressiveness, criticism and often bad faith or ignorance of a subject, the climate of online relations is tense and the “brand safety” of brands is in danger. Until the day when they withdraw from online conversations?
  • Don’t be frustrated or destructive. By dint of claiming that we are going to make jobs and people useless, of wanting the death of “1.0s” without asking if we are going to replace them with something better, no surprise if we generate behaviors of mistrust.
  • Forget the millennials. They are not that different from others, do not recognize themselves in the portrait that is painted of them and are tired of serving as an alibi for flawed programs or offers.
  • Take care of your enemy in IT. Your real enemy is not your CIO who puts the sticks in your wheels but the security of your information that you swing from tool to tool, from API to API according to flows that no one can map anymore because the trades have done their jobs under the radar.
  • Destroy your digital management and your CDO. In 2017, either they succeeded or they were useless. Moreover, as I said above, it is a business subject.
  • Stop dumbing down the customer. If your definition of digital is a machine for making content in order to transform the customer into a passive consumer of brand content to better brainwash them, you will only have the customers you deserve.
  • Stop making digital a customer subject. It is an internal subject which is projected towards the customer.
  • Be agile everywhere. It’s good to be fashionable and to plan your projects agile, but if the field advances at the speed of the day and the management continues to be reactive to the month, there will be a problem.
  • Consume your organization. There is no reason why the codes, practices, approaches used to facilitate the customer experience cannot find their internal place to facilitate the employee experience and thus operational excellence.

There you go, I saved you a long article explaining each of its points because… I will deal with them one by one in the coming weeks in a series of dedicated posts.

Happy new year 2018!

The expert:

bertrand-duperrinBertrand Duperrin is Digital Transformation Practice Leader in Emakina. He was previously Consulting Director at Nextmodernity, a firm in the field of business transformation and management through social business and the use of social technologies.

He regularly deals with social media news on his blog.