Did Facebook censor a post by Senator Elizabeth Warren calling for the dismantling of the Gafa?

by bold-lichterman

Often accused of not filtering enough content, Facebook has shown an unfortunate zeal by briefly removing – before restoring them on Monday – advertisements calling for the dismantling of the technological giants, emanating from the senator Elizabeth Warren. ” Curious why I think FB (Facebook) has too much power? Let’s start with their ability to shut down a debate that FB has too much power. Thank you for restoring my posts. But I want a social network market that is not dominated by a single censor ”, tweeted Monday evening the senator, one of the Democratic candidates for the American presidential election of 2020.

Ms. Warren detailed on Friday a vast plan to dismantle the tech giants who have, according to her, ” too much power over our economy, our society and our democracy ” and which stifle competition, with Facebook, Google and Amazon in the sights. It is common in the United States for politicians to put advertisements on social networks (“sponsored content”) to extol their ideas or their candidacies. Asked by AFP, Facebook confirmed having “withdrawn” four sponsored publications ” because they violated (its) rules regarding the use of (its) logo ” But, ” for the sake of making a solid debate possible, we are re-establishing ”.

The social network, where the posts in question only disappeared for a few hours, argued that other messages of the same type also calling for the dismantling of “tech” groups but from other organizations had not been affected. . Beyond the anecdote, this withdrawal of messages from Ms. Warren illustrates several paradoxes around the powerful social network, which is in turn criticized for controlling too much content (and for censorship) or on the contrary for not do it enough, allowing calls to hatred or manipulations of all kinds to proliferate. Another paradox, even its detractors – including Elizabeth Warren therefore – use the power of Facebook to promote their ideas. Facebook claims 2.3 billion active monthly users worldwide. For small amounts, you can target your (“sponsored”) messages to a particular group of users.