DGSI X Palantir + Private Driver + Amaury Martin (ex-Salesforce) = INSIDERS

by bold-lichterman

  • The DGSI calls on the American Palantir to monitor the telecoms networks.
  • Alternating traffic: Private Driver sees his activity jump by 25%.
  • WPP spends a budget of $ 70 million on advertising on Snapchat.
  • Millennials, consumers who are difficult to retain.
  • The appointment: Amaury Martin …

Pixelated unrecognizable hooded cyber criminalDespite the arsenal of anti-terrorism laws adopted by the French Parliament in the aftermath of the January and November 2015 attacks, the DGSI is struggling to have sufficient means to monitor the Web. To support it in its counterterrorism missions, the institution will delegate to Palantir, a start-up co-founded by Peter Thiel, member of Donald Trump’s cabinet, the processing of data collected through its surveillance systems. This decision raises sovereignty fears as this company was funded by the CIA in its early days.

Founded in 2014, Palantir develops software dedicated to data analysis. With an estimated valuation of $ 20 billion, the “unicorn” is one of the highest valued companies in Silicon Valley. Since its creation, the start-up has raised $ 2 billion.

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yannick-hascoetIf the alternating traffic imposed in Paris since Tuesday, December 6, and in Lyon this Friday, December 9, does not please motorists, the companies of VTC seem to be doing well. For example, since the beginning of the week, Private driver saw a 25% increase in their trips, as well as a 30% increase in their reservations. In terms of new customers, the French company saw an increase of 25% as well.

“After having recorded an increase in our racing figures thanks to our communication campaign at the beginning of November, alternating traffic allows us to continue on this trend” explains Yannick Hascoet, co-founder of Chauffeur Privé.

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martin-sorrellIn 2016, the British advertising agency WPP spent an overall advertising budget of $ 70 million on Snapchat, according to CEO Martin Sorrell.

On the occasion of the UBS Media and Communication conference, which took place this Tuesday, December 6 in New York, the advertising mogul revealed the amounts spent by his agency on digital advertising and on social networks: 5.5 billion spent on Google (up from $ 4 billion in 2015), and $ 1.7 billion on Facebook (up from $ 1 billion in 2015). In total, this year the London advertising agency is managing, on behalf of its clients, a budget of nearly $ 2.2 billion.

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Preferred target of marketing professionals, Millennials consumers are difficult to retain, if we are to believe the results of a study produced by YouGov France and relayed by CB News. 72% of them say they have not chosen one of their favorite brands when making a purchase over the past 12 months.

It is when it comes to food and drink and clothing that the latter are least loyal to brands, with 45% and 43% of respondents, respectively, claiming to have made a purchase from a competitor. Among the reasons given to explain this choice, a problem of perceived product quality comes first, at 29%.


amaury-martinAmaury Martin arrives at Emarsys as RVP Sales and Customer Sucess France

The software provider Emarsys appointed Amaury Martin RVP Sales and Customer Sucess France. As part of his new functions, he will manage the sales and Customer France teams. Previously, Amaury Martin was Sales Director South at Salesforce.