Deutsche Telekom chooses Cedexis switching solutions

by bold-lichterman

The German operator has just announced a partnership with the Franco-American company Cedexis. Often presented as the traffic controller of the net, the company makes it possible to direct traffic on platforms (CDN, Cloud) offering the best performance at the moment T.

Deutsche Telekom’s Business Development and Innovation (BDI) department has just announced the creation of a new Web performance optimization solution comprising the two services “NetAnalyze” and “NetOptimize”, developed by the company Cedexis, French specialist in network switching on the Internet.

In details and according to the press release, NetAnalyze provides an accurate and comparative analysis from an end user perspective of the quality of service of a multitude of Clouds and CDN (Content Delivery Network) platforms. NetOptimize, for its part, makes it possible to carry out a real-time selection of hosting and content distribution providers displaying an optimal quality of service for the end user according to the performance data collected in NetAnalyze to which the criteria can be added. organizational structure of the editor of the service, customer of the solution.

Concretely and as Julien Coulon, cofounder of Cedexis explains: “The services developed by Deutsche Telekom (DT) and Cedexis allow companies to measure in real time the online experience of their end users and to be able to study the possibility of use other platforms to positively change this experience ”.

As a reminder, Deutsche Telekom is present in nearly 50 countries and employs more than 230,000 people around the world. The group generated sales of 58.2 billion euros in fiscal 2012, more than half of which was generated outside of Germany.

For its part, founded in 2009 by Julien Coulon and Marty Kagan, Cedexis has nearly 350 clients from the entertainment, media, luxury goods and e-commerce industries. In August 2011, the company had raised $ 6 million from Madrona Ventures and Advanced Technology Ventures. According to our information, Cedexis is once again seeking to raise funds to boost its development.

Last February, Cedexis unveiled “Fusion”, a new tool for aggregating data from third parties (third-party applications, hardware, network monitoring tools, CDNs and Clouds), making it possible to optimize real-time traffic routing.

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