Despite pressure from Washington, TikTok generated $ 88.1 million in revenue last month

by bold-lichterman

TikTok reportedly generated more than $ 88.1 million in revenue as of August 2020 despite the American threat hanging over it. The popular teenage social network has been at the heart of a particularly oppressive trade dispute between the United States and China since the start of the month.

Donald Trump, who accuses the Chinese application of collecting data from American users for spy purposes on behalf of Beijing, signed a decree requiring ByteDance to sell the American part of the social network before September 15. “I told them they had until September 15 to find a agreement. After that we will close (the app) in that country“The US president told reporters.

However, Washington’s demands did not prevent TikTok from raking in more than $ 88.1 million in revenue last month, 6.3 times more than its profits for the same period last year, according to the. study by data analyst SensorTower, who identifies here the best revenues from applications that are not related to games. However, these figures remain below TikTok’s revenue for the past three months. The social network had generated $ 102.5 million in July 2020.

Top Grossing Apps Worldwide for August 2020. Credit: Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence platform.

These good results are attributed to Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, which here represents 85% of its revenues, against 7.8% for the United States and 1.4% for Turkey. The drop in revenues is linked to TikTok’s competitors, which have been gaining momentum since Donald Trump’s decree.