Design: the major trends to watch in Tech in 2017

by bold-lichterman

After the era of “design thinking“, We are entering the era of”computational design», A new approach which stages the different manufacturing processes of a product by schematizing each step (software used, languages ​​etc.), without even having to learn the code, according to interactive design specialist John Maeda. Currently, 2 out of 5 designers say they learn to code, and a third of them have a background of engineers or scientists.

In his “Design in Tech Report 2017 ”, John Maeda details how the “computational design»Allows us to offer an individualized user experience of a product (smartphone, computers, etc.) or a service (a mobile application) used by billions of people at the same time.

Proof of the importance that design is taking in the development of online applications, Facebook, Google and Amazon have grown their design teams by 65% ​​in recent years. By integrating design into most of their courses, grandes écoles like Harvard, MIT or even INSEAD are not mistaken: with web development, design is on the way to becoming the new skill sought by companies. . State of play of a booming discipline.

Photo credit: Pexels