Delta, the Freebox à la Chuck Norris: the main announcements of the Free keynote

by bold-lichterman

Free has boosted its new Freebox. During its keynote this Tuesday morning, the operator chained the announcements and partnerships: Netflix, Devialet, Amazon Alexa… The main Freebox, the “Delta”, “ is worth more than 100 euros per month if we reconstitute all the services “, according to Thomas Reynaud, managing director of Iliad. It is offered at 49.99 per month. Her little sister, the Freebox One is she available at starting price of 29.99 euros per month for one year (for the first 100,000, then 39.99 / month). Here is the information to remember.

As a reminder, the latest versions dated respectively from 2010 for the “Revolution” and 2015 with the “mini 4K” version. The new Freebox was designed by the English designer Jasper Morrison.

1605250956 117 Delta the Freebox a la Chuck Norris the main announcements
Xavier Niel presents the Freebox Delta during the keynote on Tuesday, December 4.
Credit: Free

  • Netflix is available in the new Freebox and at no additional cost. This is also the case for the little sister of the Delta, the Freebox One.
  • TheAmazon Alexa voice assistant is offered in the new Freebox. It is for example possible to control the TV by voice thanks to “OK Freebox”. More than 600 channels are available, and 100 channels in replay.
  • The Freebox Delta also enters directly into the Automation. It includes a security pack with an opening and movement detector, a WiFi night vision camera. There is also a suspicious “sound” system. In the event of an incident, the system sends a security agent. With these new features, Free is positioning itself in the security sector and in particular competes with Ring bought by Amazon for more than a billion dollars in February. The application Freebox on mobile allows you to manage connected devices such as Philips Hue bulbs and Somfy equipment.
  • Partnership with Canal + to have access to hundreds of films in 4K and for final purchase. From a technical point of view, HD TV streams switch to HD + (15Mb / s) for all fiber, Mini 4K and Revolution subscribers.
  • On mobile, smartphone, tablet more than 1,000 press titles included with the Freebox Delta offer, in partnership with LeKiosK.
  • Deezer, Qobuz, Youtube, Dailymotion, Twitch are integrated directly into the Freebox. Access to audio and video content via WiFi, Bluetooth and Spotify Connect.
  • Presentation of the Freebox Player in partnership with Devialet. Franck Lebouchard, CEO of the company, then comes to share the stage with Thomas Reynaud, CEO of Iliad. The promise? A “sublimated” audio experience and precision 5.1 home cinema rendering. It has six speakers.

  • The subscriber has the possibility of become the owner of the Free-Devialet player for 10 euros / month for 48 months. “SIf you decide to go to Fnac or even to Darty and to reconstitute all the products, all the equipment, that we have put in the Freebox Delta, you will come out with an invoice of more than 2,000 euros ”, said Thomas Reynaud. “At Free you become the owner of your Free-Devialet player for 10 euros per month ».

  • Free announced the deployment of 10Gbit technology on fiber. For those still using ADSL, the operator will combine xDSL and 4G for a optimal speed possible close to 200 Mbit / s. ” It’s a revolution for all copper subscribers », Insists Xavier Niel. The new Freebox server has a NAS server with 1TB of storage included and expandable up to 20TB. The subscriber becomes the owner of the hard drive. Xavier Niel brings in the topic of data protection. ” By giving you ownership of the hard drive, we change everything in the way you use this storage “, did he declare.