Dejamobile raises 2.5 million euros to democratize mobile payment

by bold-lichterman

The amount

Dejamobile, a start-up that publishes software solutions for mobile transactions, announces a round table for an amount of 2.5 million euros. This investment was made with Newfund and François Enaud, former Chairman and CEO of the Steria group.

The market

Founded in 2012 by Houssem Assadi, Ahmad Saif and Bertrand Pladeau, Dejamobile develops mobile payment solutions using proximity interaction technologies (NFC, QR Code, etc.).

The company is working in particular on the ReadyToTap Payment solution which is integrated directly into bank applications. They can thus offer secure payment via mobile. This offer is now used by nearly 30 million people with a bank card. Among its clients, the start-up counts Crédit Agricole. The group uses this solution for its “local Paylib” service.

The goal

With this investment, Dejamobile aims to become the European leader in white label electronic transaction solutions within 3 years. “With these new resources and these new partners, Dejamobile will be better able to meet the next challenges: international growth, support for
customers and pursuit of an ambitious R&D and innovation program», Explains Houssem Assadi, CEO and co-founder of Dejamobile.

Key data:

  • Founders: Houssem Assadi, Ahmad Saif and Bertrand Pladeau
  • Creation date : 2012
  • Fundraising : 2.5 million euros in October 2017