[Décryptage] Gamification: beyond business, a real philosophy?

by bold-lichterman

Gamification is now flooding all sectors: health, marketing, civil society, corporate communication … What was a little time ago a geek epiphenomenon is now becoming a strategic axis for many brands, which invest in the corridors in particular Summit GSummit every year in San Francisco.

What is gamification? It is the act of using the mechanics of the game to solve the problems of everyday life, involving people. And it works. We remember in particular Foldit, an online video game that has decoded in three weeks the structure of an enzyme similar to that of the AIDS virus, a 10-year-old enigma, solved by the players of Foldit on the Web !

Another strong sign of gamification: recent investments in the USA in specialized startups: Lumosity, a start-up that has just raised $ 31.5M. Lumosity creates cognitive exercise games to combat age-related neurological impairments. Other lifting: ClassDojo who completed a $ 1.6M round, and developed a service that helps teachers track and increase their students’ attention in class.

Interview with Gabe Zichermann (by Bertrand Lenotre)

A special gamification day will be held in Paris La Défense, around the theme “A Day around the advergame”. More informations here