[Décryptage Akamai] Threats related to online video streaming are on the rise

by bold-lichterman

The challenges for distributors of content, and in particular of online videos, are numerous and increasingly complex. These broadcasters must respect their contracts with the rights holders, control the quality of broadcasting and the integrity of the content in order to make their investments profitable and finally generate profits. In a booming market, the risks of content theft are real and growing, and weaken their economic model.

Decryptage Akamai Threats related to online video streaming are on

According to Jérôme Renoux, Sales Manager Digital Media at Akamai : “The powerful cloud platform, which allows our customers to deliver content and applications on demand on all types of terminals, helps to control the risks encountered by broadcasters on the web while controlling costs”. It answers a few practical questions:

Who is at risk of attack and who is attacking today? Decryptage Akamai Threats related to online video streaming are on

As long as you have visibility on the internet, you are likely to be the target of attacks. We have observed on our platform a 2000% increase in this type of incident over the past 3 years. Unfortunately these attacks are becoming more and more frequent, easier to orchestrate and more extensive.

These attacks can be directed at all types of websites, content sites, institutional sites – brands for example – transactional sites – e-commerce, airlines and banking.

What are the most common techniques used to steal videos from the internet?

Many techniques exist such as Link Sharing, Deep Linking, Player Hijacking, Stealing from Cache or Stream Ripping, etc.

> Link Sharing : Unauthorized users access secure content via link sharing (via social networks for example).

> Deep Linking: The hacker breaks down the player and posts hidden links on his own site in order to monetize the content.

> Player Hijacking: Theft of the video player to integrate it on a third-party site.

> Stream Ripping : Theft of the video stream during its distribution.

> Stealing from Cache: Theft of content from a browser, player buffer or disk.

1606046420 62 Decryptage Akamai Threats related to online video streaming are onContent theft has become a common practice on the internet. A site can regularly have its content stolen for ideological or commercial purposes, such as re-monetization through other sites or in other countries. The management of audiovisual rights for sporting events is a good example: the exclusivity of the retransmission of a match makes it possible to capture and monetize an audience. But if that content is hijacked, then the revenue related to that content is reduced or even lost.

What does Akamai offer to remedy this kind of problem on the Internet?

In a desire to simplify the content distribution process, Akamai proposes the SecureHD solution. This solution protects video content broadcast over the Internet, regardless of the device, against the threats that hover over it. It integrates geo-blocking, authentication, player integrity verification or on-the-fly encryption modules, thus guaranteeing optimum protection for monetized content.

1606046420 61 Decryptage Akamai Threats related to online video streaming are on

Moreover, theAkamai Intelligent Platform serves as a shield against massive attacks on the Internet. For example, denial of service (DDoS) attacks are a type of attack that generates a large number of connections and requests at a given time to make a website unavailable.

The Akamai platform is thus able to protect both online videos and the infrastructures that broadcast them while reducing the latter.

1606046420 872 Decryptage Akamai Threats related to online video streaming are on

Monitoring of attacks on the platform

You will find more information in the White Paper Akamai_SecureHD.

To find out more, discover the challenges of digital content distribution, May 29 @ Paris, during a morning at Pershing hall, organized by Akamai and Brainsonic.