Deconfinement: Edouard Philippe postpones the debate on the tracking application

by bold-lichterman

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced on Tuesday the postponement of the debate on the sensitive project of the tracing of mobile data StopCovid and ” a specific debate and vote ” when the application ” will work and before its implementation “. The questions of public freedoms ” seem to me to be well founded. They must be asked. They must be debated ”, stressed the Prime Minister before the National Assembly, about this application which arouses criticism even within the majority.

For now, given the uncertainties about this application, I would be hard pressed to tell you if it works, and how it will work precisely. It therefore seems to me that this debate is premature ”, estimated Edouard Philippe. “But I confirm my commitment: when the application under development will work and before its implementation, we will organize a specific debate, followed by a specific vote”, he assured. Inspired by tools deployed in countries like Singapore, this tracking device should make it possible to alert people who have been in contact with patients with the coronavirus.

But even if this application would work on a voluntary basis, it is criticized even in the LREM ranks for its risks concerning the privacy of users. Sunday, the National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms (Cnil) gave the green light in principle, while asking for certain ” additional guarantees “. Several LREM parliamentarians had stressed that the application was not technically ready at this stage. ” It is not ready and it will surely be gently buried. French-style “, even estimated a deputy LREM Monday evening, near AFP.