[DECODE Quantum] Meeting with Elham Kashefi, Research Director at CNRS

by bold-lichterman

In co-production with Fanny Bouton and Olivier Ezratty, Decode Media offers you Decode Quantum, a program to discover the quantum revolution through the testimony of the best international experts in the field.

For this new episode we went to the meeting of Elahm Kashefi, CNRS Research Director at the LIP6 laboratory in Paris-Sorbonne. Elahm specializes in quantum algorithms and quantum telecommunications. She also teaches at the University of Edinburgh. She is the inventor of several fundamental quantum computing processes such as MBQC (measurement based quantum computing) and blind computing (secure distributed quantum processing). She is also the co-founder of the startup Veriqloud that she co-founded with Marc Kaplan and which is developing a software solution for quantum telecommunications security.

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