[DECODE Brésil] FinTech and e-commerce challenge the pandemic in Latin America

by bold-lichterman

In Brazil, Tech does not know (or very little) about the crisis. A good form that contrasts with the general stagnation caused by the coronavirus crisis and its health and economic repercussions. Some sectors, like e-commerce and FinTech, are even showing a cheeky shape. Xavier Leclerc, our correspondent based in Rio de Janeiro, gives us some keys to better understand the success of certain Brazilian and Latin American nuggets.

In summary :

  • the 3 important announcements to remember
  • Brazilian FinTech continues to gain momentum
  • the marketplace boom in Latin America
  • MercadoLibre, Argentinian “Amazon” whose share soars to Wall Street
  • the spectacular rebirth of Magazine Luiza (Magalu), a heavyweight in mass distribution in Brazil

The correspondent

Xavier Leclerc, French entrepreneur established in Brazil since 2014.

Xavier Leclerc is a French entrepreneur based in Rio de Janeiro since 2014. He is the co-founder of MOX Digital, a company that organizes B2B conferences around digital, including .Futuro. Previously, he worked with Google and then Facebook in France. He was also one of the first sales representatives of the French subsidiary of Mark Zuckerberg’s firm.