[DECODE Brésil] Are Brazilian startups going to take off internationally in 2020?

by bold-lichterman

New year, new column with Xavier Leclerc, French entrepreneur living in Rio de Janeiro since 2014! After taking stock of Brazilian Tech in 2019, we discuss with him the trends that will mark the Auriverde ecosystem in 2020. He also presents a new country: Argentina. Put on your headphones, we’re crossing the Atlantic …

In summary :

  • la Fabrique, the French “Station F” in Brazil
  • Loft, new Brazilian unicorn
  • 2020, the year of internationalization for Brazilian start-ups?
  • the interest of American funds for Brazilian start-ups
  • Argentina in Latin American Tech

The correspondent

Xavier Leclerc, French entrepreneur established in Brazil since 2014.

Xavier Leclerc is a French entrepreneur based in Rio de Janeiro since 2014. He is the co-founder of MOX Digital, a company that organizes B2B conferences around digital, including .Futuro. Previously, he worked with Google and then Facebook in France. He was also one of the first sales representatives of the French subsidiary of Mark Zuckerberg’s firm.