Debrief of the week with Marc Simoncini (Sensee) and Jean-David Blanc (Molotov TV)

by bold-lichterman

This week in the Debrief of the week, FrenchWeb receives Marc Simoncini founder of Sensee. The company is taking a new turn. The second “rocket take off», To use the words of the entrepreneur, starts on November 24, 6 years after having considered this new offer. Sensee now produces these pairs of glasses (frame and lens) which are made in France.

By his side, Jean-David Blanc, co-founder of the platform Molotov TV, returns to the value proposition of the application. The company does not seek to “uberize»Television channels, but she wants to increase their visibility. Today, the programs of traditional channels mix with pay channels. Recently, Cheddar, an online television specializing in Tech news, entered the platform.

Among the topics discussed:

  • the evolution of the digital world,
  • their investment strategy in start-ups as well as advice for people looking for funds,
  • the explosion of real estate in Silicon Valley.

Events to not miss:

The featured journal:

  • Review number 20 of We Tomorrow with a special feature on AI.

With Richard Menneveux (@rmen).