Dealy, the international aggregator of local deals, launches its iPhone application

by bold-lichterman

Dealy stands out from other good deals aggregators by its local / international dimension. You can indeed find good local plans during your business trips or holidays in 11 countries: France, UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, United States, Austria, Singapore, Hong-Kong (22 countries will be available at the end of 2011). This obviously, thanks to geolocation.

The site, and its new iPhone application announced as the first in the sector for a French company, lists the deals of 57 sites including Groupon, DailyDeal, KGB Deals, Dealissime, Resto-privée, Groupolitan, Bon-Privé, Le Trader …

Dealy the international aggregator of local deals launches its iPhoneThe iPhone application offers:

  • A “shopping information” function allowing you to fill in your personal and banking information once and for all, protected by password, to quickly access good deals
  • An alert 2 hours before the end of a deal
  • Sharing tips via Twitter and Facebook

To promote its international DNA, Dealy just launched a game to win a world tour of good deals.

Released in November 2010, Dealy is published by The Montecito Group SAS.