Day One E&P releases an envelope of 50 million euros with the Leclercq family

by bold-lichterman

The accelerator Day One Entrepreneurs & Partners changes dimension. The start-up support structure now enjoys significant support with the Leclercq family, owner of Decathlon. A shareholder since 2013 in Day One E&P, she has committed to allocate 50 million euros over the next five years alongside the four partner partners of the structure.

Created in 2012 by Michel de Guilhermier (Photobox, Motoblouz) and Juan Hernandez (Club Internet), supported by Eric Kalfon (Datops) and Christophe Courtin (Santiane), Day One Entrepreneurs & Partners supports start-ups which have a strong societal impact, whatever the sector“. The projects of interest to the accelerator are mainly those whose objective is “to promote better health, better access to education or art, a more serene aim, the strengthening of social ties, better use of natural resources …», Explains Michel de Guilhermier, co-founder and president of Day One E&P.

A higher investment ticket

Unlike investment funds, which raise money from subscribers to return it to them several years later, Day One E&P stands out by being an “evergreen” investment structure. Concretely, this means that the capital remains in the structure and can thus grow over time. “It would therefore not be impossible that within one or two decades, it would not be 50 million euros but hundreds of millions of euros or even billions that we would have at our disposal.», Specifies Michel de Guilhermier.

Day One E&P intends to support three or four new start-ups per year. Alongside the Leclercq family, however, the accelerator plans to increase its average ticket per company. While the structure had so far injected 5 million euros into around thirty start-ups, Day One E&P could now invest 5 to 10 million euros in a company.