Datacenters: the Frenchies of Etix Everywhere raise 15 million euros to expand in Europe

by bold-lichterman

“In the coming months we are going to open an office in England and another in Germany to expand into the European market,” says Frédéric Bouchez, Marketing Director of Etix Everwhere. This designer, builder and manager of datacenters targets the medium-sized infrastructure market and now has the means to achieve its ambitions.

Indeed, the company has just announced a roundtable of 15 million euros from two investment funds specializing in infrastructure: the French company InfraVia and the US company Tiger Infrastructure Partners.

“More and more actors are building datacenters but most of the time they are either huge (several megawatts); either they are datacenters modular in container. We position ourselves as an intermediary actor between these two approaches. We build data centers brick-and-mortar (hard, customizable, editor’s note). The goal is to get closer to end customers and to build regional data centers, smaller, which are not ” black box“”, Says Frédéric Bouchez to FrenchWeb.

The two co-founders Charles-Antoine Beyney (left) and Antoine Boniface created the company in 2012.

Colocation data centers

Etix Everywhere sells modules for datacenter. To give an idea, a module of 200 to 220 m2 represents a capacity of 270 kilowatts and costs the customer around 2 million euros. It targets two types of customers: those who want to build their own datacenter (like Bull) and other smaller ones, to whom she offers datacenters in shared accommodation, in particular to IT services companies.

The two young French co-founders, Antoine Boniface (29) and Charles-Antoine Beyney (32) have chosen to adopt this strategy to differentiate themselves in a market dominated by large international groups such as Equinix and TeleCityGroup (GB). It also faces competition from local players, such as CIV in the Lille region. For now, from Luxembourg where it has its headquarters, it covers the French market. She convinced Bull, Société Générale, Les Mousquetaires.

Etix_EverywhereConstructions of datacenters are also underway in Senegal and Morocco. These emerging markets are strategic for Etix Everywhere:

“No player is yet positioned on it, and we have succeeded in reassuring companies about the robustness of our structures, even in these countries, with weather conditions different from those experienced in France” indicates the marketing director.

Attacking the North American Futures Market

Since its creation in October 2012, the company has delivered 5 datacenters and is preparing to deliver 5 more in the coming months. It currently operates with around thirty employees and then works with subcontractors for all the structural work part, ensuring the management and coordination of the sites. It was profitable from its first financial year, generating approximately 145,000 euros in profit in 2013 on 2 million euros in turnover. In 2014, the designer of datacenter generated 2.5 million euros in turnover. “To date, ten other million have already been signed and therefore insured for the current 2015 fiscal year,” says Bouchez.

Thanks to this funding round, Etix Everywhere will be able to finance its growth in Europe. It intends to hire 20 to 30 people by the end of 2015 and hopes to have 150 employees by the end of 2016. The next ambition will be to attack the North American market.