Databerries raises 15 million euros to conquer the American market

by bold-lichterman

  • Databerries is developing a marketing solution based on the principle of “real life targeting”.
  • The start-up has already raised funds in 2015 to develop its solution.

The start-up Databerries, specializing in mobile marketing, has completed a funding round of 15 million euros led by Index Ventures. The company was also supported by ISAI, Mosaic Ventures, Pascal Gauthier (ex-COO of Criteo) and Greg Coleman (president of Buzzfeed, ex president of Criteo).

Founded in 2014 by an ex of Criteo, Benoit Grouchko, an ex of Google, François Wyss and Guillaume Charhon, the start-up has developed a mobile marketing solution, intended for distributors, which allows the targeted distribution of advertising campaigns. It operates on the concept of “real life targeting“. “Distributors spend more than 100 billion euros per year in offline media without being able to precisely measure their effectiveness. By relying on the mobile, a real gateway between the offline and online worlds, Databerries provides them with a traffic acquisition solution based on online standards.», Explains Benoit Grouchko, CEO of Databerries. The solution began to be marketed in December 2015.

That same year, Databerries raised 1.7 million euros from ISAI and Mosaic Ventures to develop its platform and strengthen its teams. With this first fundraising, the co-founders were thinking of internationalization. In the market, the start-up has to face the French unicorn Criteo.

With this new investment, Databerries wishes to launch its mobile to store in the USA. The start-up currently has 40 employees, 40% of whom are in R&D. About a hundred companies use the solution, including Volkswagen and Carrefour.

Founders: Benoit Grouchko, François Wyss and Guillaume Charhon

Launch: 2014

The head office : Paris

Activity: mobile advertising

Funding: 15 million euros in March 2017