Data Publica: “with Big data, we know who your next customer will be”

by bold-lichterman

If we know that Big data already makes it possible to target advertisements to consumers, Data Publica is betting that it will allow companies to find their future B2B customers. This Parisian start-up even dares to speak of “predictive sales”. “We do scoring of prospects from lists provided by businesses to determine which ones have the highest likelihood of becoming customers. Our algorithm also identifies new prospects and new markets to address», Assures François Bancilhon, the founder.

For this, the company has developed an algorithm which is based on administrative and financial data from 4 million available companies. It then supplements them with information available on companies’ websites, their content on social networks and their communication in the media.

Founded in 2011, Data Publica today boasts several major accounts among its customers, including the BPCE group, Bpifrance or even Total. While until now it has marketed its solution according to each project, so ad hoc, the start-up has just launched a standard offer in freemium, the paid version being billed around one hundred euros per month. Data Publica now wants to go international, especially in the United Kingdom and the United States. More details with François Bancilhon, the co-founder.

Founders: François Bancilhon and Christian Frisch

Creation date : 2011

The head office : Paris

Market : Big data, data analysis

Turnover: 391,500 euros in 2013

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