Data makes businesses dream, but obstacles persist

by bold-lichterman

Big data can help companies in their digital transformation. It is in any case one of the lessons ofa study* produced by the research firm Vanson Bourne for CA Technologies. The managers seem aware of the issues related to the use of data. Thus, among the main benefits they expect, they cite first the ability to develop new products and services (94%), ahead of improving the competitiveness of the company (92%), better marketing campaigns. targeted and more efficient (90%) and, finally, an increase in income (88%).

But between hope and reality, not all businesses are ready to fully benefit from new data-driven technologies. 92% of respondents see obstacles. Among the main difficulties are the lack of existing infrastructure (32%), organizational complexity (27%), security and compliance concerns (26%), lack of budget (25 %) or even information and visibility on the processes (25%).

Investments required

As organizations face challenges in overcoming the complexities associated with implementation efforts, the results (of this study) demonstrate that companies are overwhelmingly committed to developing and deploying fully integrated big data strategies.Said David Hodgson of CA Technologies.

Thus, most of the large companies surveyed have already adopted “Big data” projects or plan to do so within the year, according to the study. Despite everything, in the majority of cases, these are independent projects, not transversal. And in 20% of companies, it is a project limited to a single department. Almost all of the respondents to the study therefore consider that “major” investments are required to carry them out.

* Methodology: survey conducted by Vanson Bourne for CA Technologies. 1,000 IT managers surveyed, in 11 countries, in a multitude of sectors: distribution, financial services, banks, telecommunications, insurance, government organizations, etc.
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