Data, iOS, digital influencers, tablets … The last 4 studies to discover

by bold-lichterman

877 billion € of digital data per year and per company, ios still increasing attendance in Europe, The “Digital Influencers” don’t forget the paper though, Tablets: sales should exceed those of computers in 2017… Focus on 4 new studies.

877 billion euros of data per year and per company

Symantec has just published the results of the first edition of its “State of Information Survey”. This survey, carried out with more than 4,500 companies in 38 countries, reveals that digital data costs companies around the world € 877 billion each year (or $ 1,100 billion). These can, among other things, represent up to 50% of the value of companies, except in France where the figure is much lower with an estimate of 30% of the value of companies.

Companies must each manage an average of 563 terabytes of data, and will need to anticipate an increase in the volume of information over the next year, namely 67% for large companies and 178% for SMEs. On average, large companies spend $ 38M annually on their information, while SMEs spend 332,000.

Regarding the consequences of a possible loss of information, the companies surveyed on a global scale cite the loss of customers (49%), the deterioration of reputation and brand image (47%), the loss of turnover (41%), increased expenses (39%) and falling share price (20%). In France, the loss of customers is also cited first, followed by the increase in expenses, and the deterioration of reputation.

Finally, last year in France, 56% of companies suffered loss of information for various reasons (human errors, hardware failures, security breaches or loss and theft of devices), 63% noted that information confidential had been exposed outside the company and 29% had data non-compliance issues.

Apple operating systems still on the rise in traffic in Europe, “Digital Influencers” would use paper as much as digital in their purchasing process. Indeed, it appears that 71% of them would appreciate receiving a catalog in their mailbox, 64% of addressed mail and 57% of printed advertising. On the same scale, 41% say they enjoy e-mail, 35% web banners and 34% SMS / MMS.

Tablets: sales to exceed those of computers in 2017

Data iOS digital influencers tablets The last 4 studies toA study published yesterday by the cabinet NPD Group Company entitled “Quarterly Mobile PC Shipment and Forecast Report, and reproduced by, says tablet sales are only expected to surpass computer sales from 2017.

Forecast sales of laptops over the next 5 years are expected to rise from 208 million to 393 million, while those of tablets should experience growth of 28% and rise from 121 to 416 million over the same period. Two-thirds of sales are expected to be made in North America, Japan and Western Europe.