Data and platforms: do we want a society under surveillance?

by bold-lichterman

The subject of privacy is finally becoming a real subject of media debate. If many of our fellow citizens have been shocked or at least challenged by the Cambridge Analytica affair or the various scandals of recent months on the subject, there is ultimately nothing very new. The dark side of tech is there, and it very often resides in data. From its more or less wild harvest to its questionable use.

Do we want to continue on this path towards a society of generalized surveillance? An organized surveillance, what is more, by untouchable industrial giants and already well established in our everyday life. This is a real social issue that must be understood quickly.

This is the message of Tristan Nitot, today VP Advocacy at Qwant, the French search engine respectful of users’ privacy. For him it is the business model of these giants, based on targeted online advertising, which is the heart of the problem. Come and meet him for 15 minutes of discussions and strong positions on these abuses that threaten the very foundations of our democracies.


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