Cybersecurity: the state alerts companies to the scourge of ransomware

by bold-lichterman

French computer security guard Anssi and the Department of Justice on Friday released a practical guide in the form of a wake-up call to ransomware, a type of computer attack that ” explodes and reinvents itself ”, they warn. The National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (which acts as a firefighter for the most important cyber-attacks), since the beginning of the year has handled 104 cases of ransomware, which block data and unblock it against payment. a ransom. She had only dealt with 54 out of the whole of 2019, she emphasizes when presenting the guide.

Consequences “more and more devastating ”

The results ” are more and more devastating, on the continuity of activity, even the survival of the victim organization ”, she added. The targets are also increasingly important, with the key ransom demands that can reach several million euros, she also warns. The guide published on the Internet lists good practices for reducing the risk of attacks and preparing for them. It also indicates how to react when, despite everything, the company’s computer system becomes inoperative. In particular, it publishes extracts from testimonials from IT managers from three organizations recently affected, the Rouen hospital, the M6 ​​group, and the Fleury Michon agro-food group.

Among the advice put forward, that of filing a complaint immediately in the event of an attack, which will allow specialized magistrates to take up the case. The guide published by Anssi constitutes ” a first stone “ in a more general offensive of the State against ransomware, affirms Guillaume Poupard, the director general of Anssi, in a foreword. “The government is thinking” on the means of “Break the economic model of the attackers and drastically reduce their feeling of impunity”, he said.