Cybersecurity: Russian publisher Kaspersky completes transfer of western data to Zurich

by bold-lichterman

Russian anti-virus publisher Kaspersky has completed the transfer of data from its Western customers to its Zurich data center, it said in a statement on Tuesday. ” Relocation of data processing and storage ” European, American and Canadian customers “Is completely finished”, Kaspersky said in a statement. Kaspersky – which originally processed this data in Russia – also transferred customer data from several countries in the Asia-Pacific region to Switzerland, including Australia and New Zealand, South Korea, Japan and India. , he announced.

The transfer of this data to Switzerland is a way for Kaspersky to respond to suspicions of proximity to the Russian intelligence services, mentioned in particular by the American government but fiercely denied by the publisher. In 2017, the US administration relied on this motive to keep Kaspersky anti-virus programs out of US federal administration computers. Eugene Kaspersky, figure of the global Internet and the world of cyber-security, has denounced for years the risk of fragmentation of the global Internet between large geopolitical blocks, far from the universalist hopes that prevailed at the beginning of the web .

A “Risk of Internet explosion”

A little less alarmist today, he envisions a world where the global Internet subsists, but where States jealously watch over the data circulating there. “For several years, we have been talking about this risk of the Internet bursting, but I don’t think it will happen”, he told AFP. “Cutting the connections between nations is quite simply impossible: for the needs of business and finance, the Internet will remain as it is”, he said.

But “The data will remain within the borders and the States will not let the data be stored abroad. Data is a matter of national security ”, he estimated. In addition to its large processing center in Zurich, Kaspersky also opened 5 “Transparency centers” in the world where its customers can have access to the details of the computer code of its products, to verify their integrity and the absence of external interference. Kaspersky’s “transparency centers” are located in Zurich, Madrid, Sao Paulo and Kuala Lumpur. A fifth center for North America is due to open in 2021 in New Brunswick (Canada).