Cyber ​​defense: Florence Parly inaugurates the first military command building in Rennes

by bold-lichterman

The military command of cyber defense (Comcyber) inaugurated Thursday in Rennes the first building entirely dedicated to the conduct of its operations in cyberspace, a ” top priority »For the Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly.

Cyber ​​defense is an absolute priority for the Ministry of the Armed Forces ”, she recalled by inaugurating this new building of 11,000 m2, intended to accommodate up to 400 cyber fighters. Faced with the multiplication of threats in cyberspace, which has become a place of confrontation in its own right, the Military Programming Law (LPM) 2019-2025 provides for the recruitment by the armies of 1,000 additional cyber-combatants to reach a workforce of 4,000 people. ‘within seven years.

80 million euros for cybersecurity?

Some 1.6 billion euros will be spent over the period in cyber. ” A command center of operations deprived of means of communication, our defense industry at a standstill, government sites displaying hate messages as a home page, drones with manipulated and diverted trajectories: such could be the misdeeds massive cyber attacks“, Warned Florence Parly, while ensuring that” the Ministry of the Armed Forces is ready ”.

The Minister immediately inaugurated in Rennes the Cyberdéfense Factory, a Breton branch of the Innovation Defense Lab, which “ will welcome start-ups, SMEs and researchers to work closely with experts from the Directorate-General for Armaments on cybersecurity topics ”. Ms. Parly has also signed a partnership agreement between the Armies and the investment company ACE Management, which will support companies working in digital security and which could benefit from financing via a fund of 80 million euros entirely dedicated. to cybersecurity.