CybelAngel, the French cybersecurity actor who melted tech in Helsinki

by bold-lichterman

At 27, Evelyne Raby conquered the audience of Slush, one of the most important European start-up event that takes place every year in Helsinki, Finland. The COO of CybelAngel, a start-up specializing in cyber-security, won over the 3,000 people present with an effective pitch and “transparent“. In the final, the Parisians of CybelAngel won first place in the Slush contest “in front of an American, a Swedish, and a Korean“, With 500,000 euros in equity”whose exact conditions remain to be negotiated», Explains Evelyn Raby.

CybelAngel has not yet entered the big leagues of cyber-security with its multi-billion dollar deals, which it is already interested in investors. In a few weeks, the start-up supported by Business France must complete its second fundraising, after having raised 1 million euros in 2015 from a business angel.

To its CAC 40 clients, the company provides technology that allows them to keep control of lost data on the Web. The stakes are high. Since 2013, more than 3.9 billion pieces of data have been stolen, according to a Gemalto study.

Creation date: 2013

Founders: Erwan Keraudy, Stevan Keraudy, Mathieu Finiasz

Seat: Paris

Workforce: 30

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