Customer relationship: Virtuoz’s intelligent virtual agents

by bold-lichterman

A recent Forrester study shows that 57% of Internet users say they are ready to give up their online purchase if they cannot find answers to their questions quickly. 36% of them prefer to find an answer themselves online, without contacting customer service by phone or email. It is at this precise moment in the customer relationship that the “service breakdowns” occur which prompted the creators of Virtuoz to create intelligent and multilingual virtual agents.

On the one hand, FAQs and other forums in which finding an answer to a particular problem is like an obstacle course. On the other hand, online assistance services that are much more efficient but at very high costs for companies.

Customer relationship Virtuozs intelligent virtual agentsVirtual agents of Virtuoz therefore take a strategic place in the customer relationship to fill the void. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they bring a “human touch” to websites and become the point of contact for Internet users in terms of information requests. Their role is both to inform and to bring to the sale. They are part of a relational strategy that can lead them to send a request directly to real agents when needed.

They can be found on PayPal, eBay, SFR, Voyages SNCF, Nespresso,, L’Oréal, MMA, Crédit Agricole, Gaz de France… Behind the most often young and feminine appearance of avatars hides an advanced technology for the semantic analysis of Internet users’ questions

Interview with Alexandre Lebrun, Co-founder and VP Strategy Innovation of Virtuoz.