Curved screens, motion detection: what will the iPhones of the future look like?

by bold-lichterman

What will the iPhones of the future look like? They could have a curved screen and can be controlled with a simple touch of a finger, according to anonymous sources cited by Bloomberg.

Smartphone models follow one another and brands must go further in innovation in a crowded market. And if there is one company that is expected at the turn on this point precisely, it is Apple and its iPhones.

Flick or point the screen

We will have to be patient. If Apple does decide to equip its future iPhones with these two technologies, nothing should see the light of day for at least two years. But what is it exactly? The control feature would allow iPhone users to perform certain tasks by moving their finger near the screen without touching it or even pointing at the remote interface. If this is a novelty for the Apple brand, we remember that it was already possible to scroll through the photos of the Galaxy S4 by sweeping your hand in front of the screen. The question is to know how far this technology could be achieved in the iPhone.

Impose new uses

The curved screen would also be a real novelty for iPhone screens, confined to the flat until now. It would be a really pronounced curvature that would gradually take shape from top to bottom. On the competition side, Samsung’s latest screens are curving but on the edges. Where Apple can surprise is by pushing technologies that already exist even further and succeeding in imposing them as the new use.

For the impatient, the anonymous sources cited by Bloomberg have announced new features that should not be long. Apple is reportedly planning to expand OLED technology to more devices. A second iPhone equipped with this type of screen should see the light of day this year, with a 6.5-inch screen. The Cupertino company is also reportedly looking at updating the size of the iPhone X (currently with a 5.8-inch screen) and releasing a new, lower-cost LCD model.