Create a professional website in 10 minutes with Solution TPE?

by bold-lichterman

Elteg. media site creator (Hearst, Interview, Vif Argent, Pêche Magazine, Télé 7 jeux…) has just launched TPE solution , a CMS specially developed to allow VSEs to create a site very quickly and without any particular technical knowledge.

Create a professional website in 10 minutes with Solution TPEThe solution is based on Wala technology, the CMS created by Elteg for the creation of media sites and offered to agencies in license mode.
200 templates are offered in a global offer (creation, hosting, management of domain names, etc.) at rates adapted to very small businesses (90 € / year). TPE solution also allows the addition of an online micro-store with the possibility of selling up to 500 products and collecting the proceeds.

Far from the large structures that the creators ofElteg, the company employs 8 people and intends to remain on a human scale.

About Christophe Agnus: ex-journalist of the Express, at the origin of the website magazine in 1995, he created in 1998 the famous paper magazine Transfert and his web declination. In 2007, he joined the group Mondadori as Deputy Director of Digital Activities and leads the creation of and TopSanté.com among others. In early 2009, he left Mondadori with the technical director he had recruited to create Elteg.

Interview with Christophe Agnus, President of Elteg.