CPM on Facebook increases 58% in one year

by bold-lichterman

The last quarterly report from the advertising agency TBG, published today, analyzes the impact of advertising on Facebook on a global level, through the activity of its customers.

CPM on Facebook increases 58 in one year

TBG reveals here that the CPM of social media ads increased by 58% compared to the same period last year (this one already had increased by 41% in the last quarter). Germany is thus benefiting from the largest increase in CPMs (31%), unlike the United Kingdom which sees its CPMs increase by only 7%.

According to TBG, this increase is due to the increasing use of new advertising formats such as “Sponsored Stories” and mobile ads, both of which have high engagement rates. Indeed, theEngagement rates for mobile ads, which were introduced in June 2012, are considered by TBG to be four times more engaging than those on Twitter. Sponsored Stories are said to be 53% more engaging than standard ads.

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So it seems that the introduction of these new formats has a ripple effect in ad engagement, which increased by 11% compared to losing 6% in the last quarter. It remains to be seen how this will evolve: will users be as interested in these formats for a long time, or will they end up not paying attention to them after a while, like every novelty that has passed out of fashion? According to TGB: “Our customers are now willing to pay more for more fans and more clicks. The media make measurable engagement their bottom line ”.

The report took into account 406 billion impressions, covering 190 countries and 276 clients, which were analyzed by the Cambridge University Psychometrics Center.