Corsican companies still have progress to make on digital

by bold-lichterman

Corsicans more at ease with their feet in the water than in front of a computer? Contrary to a priori, “Internet users connect more often and uses are constantly increasing” in comparison with the situation in homes in metropolitan France, according to the 2014 survey barometer of the level of appropriation of ICT in Corsica published by the Territorial Collectivity of the island.

With this study *, Paul Giacobbi, the elected member of the Left Radical Party and President of the Executive Council of Corsica, the executive body of the Territorial Collectivity, intends to convey a positive message: the economic actors present on the island have well understood the importance of digital technology. But on reading the results, we can see that behind this discourse, the appropriation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by companies remains partial.

Of course, basic Internet use, i.e. having a connection and an e-mail address, is widespread, but tablets and smartphones are only used to navigate in 36% of the companies surveyed. In some sectors, updating a website has not yet become commonplace: this is the case for half of the companies in the service sector, but 23% of them in the sector. transport and 30% in construction. Overall, 40% of island businesses (excluding tourism) have a website. The French national average is 65%. Corsica is therefore lagging behind in this regard, as does the Rhône-Alpes region, which is also 40% equipped.

Employee training in ICT fell by 8 points

The study also points out that 11% of VSEs and 16% of SMEs allow their employees to work remotely. Figures that remain low. And companies may estimate 81% that ICT contributes to the development of their activity, the training of employees in these tools is declining! “Already in 2011, few companies were training their employees in IT and the Internet (17%). The 2014 survey saw this figure fall further: on average only 9% of companies resort to training, with a disparity depending on the sector of activity. Only the Transport sectors, with 21%, and the Industries, with 16%, are doing better than average ”we can read.

Results which lead to a conclusion from the Corsican Executive Council: “Whatever the sector, a need for support for digital uses and services appears essential. The high level of equipment should not mask the signs of non-use that appear due to lack of sufficient training. The rapid evolution of technologies and services (big data, cloud, Internet of things, etc.) is out of step with the speed of spontaneous adaptation of island society. To overcome these delays, Corsica must question the skills required to succeed in its digital transformation ”. This is what the Corsican Territorial Collectivity should continue to work on within the framework of its policy called ” Digital Corsica », In place since 2011.

* These data come from a study on the level of appropriation of ICT in Corsica published by the Territorial Collectivity of the island. It deals with five areas: homes, businesses, communities, tourism and education. The results mentioned concerning companies are the result of a survey by e-mail and telephone calls with 330 interviews, in autumn 2014, from an initial file of 20,515 VSEs / SMEs.

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