[CORRESPONDANT] Why is FinTech on the rise in Brazil?

by bold-lichterman

After having made an overview of Latin American Tech last month, we meet Xavier Leclerc, French entrepreneur installed in Rio de Janeiro since 2014, to take an interest in a particularly attractive sector at the moment in Brazil: FinTech . Investments in the sector continue to increase, notably under the impetus of SoftBank and Tencent, two Asian giants particularly active in Brazil and the rest of Latin America. The two companies have just injected 150 million dollars into the Argentinian FinTech Ualá. But priority in Brazil in this episode, with the presentation of a fresh unicorn: EBANX.

In summary :

  • the latest news from the Brazilian ecosystem
  • FinTech EBANX, the new Brazilian unicorn
  • SoftBank’s impact on FinTech in Latin America
  • the position of the Bolsonaro government vis-à-vis start-ups
  • Curitiba, a model of Smart City

The correspondent

Xavier Leclerc, French entrepreneur established in Brazil since 2014.

Xavier Leclerc is a French entrepreneur based in Rio de Janeiro since 2014. He is the co-founder of MOX Digital, a company that organizes B2B conferences around digital, including .Futuro. Previously, he worked with Google and then Facebook in France. He was also one of the first sales representatives of the French subsidiary of Mark Zuckerberg’s firm.