[CORRESPONDANT] Discovering Brazilian Tech

by bold-lichterman

Today, FrenchWeb takes you to a continent which is still discreet on the world technological scene but which is starting to stand out: Latin America. Rappi, Loggi, Nubank, 99… The region is seeing more and more unicorns blooming. This boom in Latin American Tech is to be credited in particular to SoftBank, which has increased large-scale investments in the region in recent years.

It must be said that Latin America has significant potential insofar as it represents 10% of the world population and 8% of world GDP, or twice the GDP of India and half of that of China. In addition, digital penetration is significant there with 375 million Internet users and 250 million smartphone users, which places Latin America ahead of the United States.

To highlight the Latin American digital ecosystem, FrenchWeb Now you can meet Xavier Leclerc, a French entrepreneur who has been living in Rio de Janeiro since 2014. There, he launched MOX Digital to organize B2B conferences around digital, including .Futuro. After experiences in China, then in France, where he worked for Google and Facebook, he decided to cross the Atlantic to discover Brazil, South America’s largest economy, with more than 50% of the region’s GDP. , but faced with a delicate economic situation, marked by two years of strong recession in 2015 and 2016, and corruption scandals at the head of state which resulted in the imprisonment of former Brazilian President Lula and the Jair Bolsonaro, nicknamed the “Trump of the tropics”, came to power. However, behind this chaotic landscape, Brazilian Tech takes off in a spectacular way. Xavier Leclerc will tell us this paradoxical story …

In summary :

  • the awakening of Latin America
  • the dynamism of the Brazilian ecosystem
  • Brazilian Tech news
  • the most important fundraisers from Brazilian start-ups
  • Brazilian unicorns (PagSeguro, Gympass, iFood, Loggi, Movile, 99, Nubank and Stone Pagamentos)

The correspondent

Xavier Leclerc, French entrepreneur established in Brazil since 2014.

Xavier Leclerc is a French entrepreneur based in Rio de Janeiro since 2014. He is the co-founder of MOX Digital, a company that organizes B2B conferences around digital, including .Futuro. Previously, he worked with Google and then Facebook in France. He was also one of the first sales representatives of the French subsidiary of Mark Zuckerberg’s firm.