Coronavirus: “The effect is immediate and radical: the business is at zero”

by bold-lichterman

Present in France and in the United States, the Adwanted group is a group of companies involved in the sale of offline advertising space. In France as in the United States, the budgets of companies allocated to advertising are mostly frozen. ” The effect is immediate and radical. Business goes to zero. Everyone interrupts their advertising campaigns or postpones them. The impact is phenomenal ”, recognizes Emmanuel Debuyck, CEO and co-founder of Adwanted.

But confident in the future, entrepreneur Emmanuel Debuyck is pursuing his external growth strategy despite the difficult context. “We are finalizing the takeover of a company in Chicago. We decide not to suspend this operation, but this required recruitments that we are freezing ”, explains Emmanuel Debuyck. For two years, Adwanted took over five companies and set up a program to acquire four other companies.

Confident but pragmatic, Emmanuel Debuyck is not afraid to make decisions. “What is dangerous or even fatal is to wait to make decisions. Strong measures must be taken immediately: termination of contract, rent, hiring freeze, etc. All of the company’s cost items must be checked. Based on my experience of the 2008 financial crisis, decisions have to be taken very quickly and fairly strongly ”, he claims.

Find the full interview with Emmanuel Debuyck, CEO and co-founder of Adwanted:

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