Coronavirus, racism, elections: how Facebook wants to calm exchanges between its employees

by bold-lichterman

Coronavirus, racism, elections: Facebook announced Thursday that it would modify the moderation rules of its intranet, in order to prevent these subjects, at the heart of abrasive debates in American society, from provoking conflicts between its employees. Its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, discussed the initiative during a question-and-answer session with employees of the social network.

“What we have heard from our employees is that they want the opportunity to participate in debates on social and political issues rather than having them unexpectedly appear on their work platform”Facebook spokesperson Joe Osborne told AFP. “We are updating our policies and our work tools to ensure that our culture remains respectful and inclusive”, he said.

Avoid a hostile work environment

Facebook also ensures that it is strengthening its harassment policy so that minority employees are not faced with a hostile work environment. Pandemic requires, the transition to teleworking has accelerated the use of internal exchange platforms on which the tensions of an American society in the midst of a debate on racism and the management of the coronavirus can show.

With less than 50 days of the US presidential election, Facebook’s role in spreading fake news or hate messages is also a topic on which employees can hold strong personal opinions. According to CNBC, Google, which has extended telecommuting in its group until 2021, has also asked its employees to manage their internal conversations on chat rooms more wisely because of complaints about violent or abusive messages.